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 Delinda Redding


Delinda is the founder of North County Generals, Care and Share, and Friday Variety Night. These ministries show her deep love for others and  sincere desire to see people restored, filled, and launched into their destiny.

Through her own grief in the loss of her first husband, Delinda realized she could grow bitter or better. This developed into her first women's support group called "Care and Share" which is now called "Women Warriors". 20 years later, the ministry still meets twice a month providing support and encouragement for many women.

Friday Variety Night was a youth program that came alive to give teens a safe and loving environment. Every Friday night for over five years, Delinda and her team provided a place for more than 100 teens to have fun along with Godly guidance. She made a lasting impact on the lives of many young people.

North County Generals is a ministry that began July 2013 and has continued to meet every week since that time. The Generals is a group of seasoned saints who are passionate about God and advancing His Kingdom for such a time as this. As a born leader, Delinda has an incredible gift to see the gold in people and speak God's love and encouragement into their lives, while motivating and inspiring them to step into all God has for them. With her skill of networking and raising people up, the Generals has grown into a vibrant ministry that cultivates the presence and power of God.

In her spare time, Delinda enjoys riding motorcycles, kayaking, and bicycling with her husband Wesley Redding of 20 years. She also has a daily goal of walking 10,000 steps while talking and hearing from God. You may even run into her at one of the local coffee shops where she is often seen strategizing with God.


Teresa Goree

Vice President

Teresa serves as the lead intercessor of Holy Spirit Prayer and oversees the prayer ministry. She holds classes to teach and train others in how to lead corporate Holy Spirit Prayer. She does much of the technology for the ministry, such as web design, Eventbrite, conference programs, and our Healing Rooms App. Teresa is also the Associate Director of the Atascadero Healing Rooms.

She joined North County Generals because she instantly sensed God's hand upon the ministry. She feels blessed to be part of this amazing group of saints who are passionate for God and what He is doing in this hour. She is eager to serve wherever she is needed.

Teresa grew up in Atascadero, but spent many years in Missouri where she raised her 4 children, taught school, served in church and ministered at the International Association of Healing Rooms.

She believes the Lord called her back to this region and to this ministry for such a time as this. The Lord also led her to write a book about God's gracious heart toward man, "God is Well Pleased With You" and a workbook about corporate prayer called, "Holy Spirit Prayer". Teresa is passionate for the Lord and for people to enter into all the fullness of God provided through their life in Christ.


Diana Sims

Board Member

Diana serves as the Treasurer for North County Generals.  Her strengths are in Administrative Duties and anything else she can help with to serve the body of Christ. 

Diana has a heart for women's ministry.  She has been a part of Care and Share for over 10 years.  Diana loves to help people feel comfortable, encouraged and loved.  She doesn't take lightly how people have poured into her life and she's always ready to give back. 

Diana and her husband have raised two sons and have lived in Creston for 25 years.  They grew up and met in Atascadero.
Diana describes herself as "committed".  She's committed to Christ and to sharing His love.


Candi Earl

Board Member

Candi serves as the Associate Treasurer for North County Generals. Blessed with the Gift of Administration, she feels it is a joy to be able to serve in this capacity. Candi and her family have resided in San Luis Obispo County for over 40 years and she has a heart for the people of her community. Candi has served in Women's Ministry at her churches and is currently serving as a peer counselor at the local pregnancy support center.

Candi's desire is for everyone to come into and enjoy the fullness of all that God has for them. Her greatest pleasure is seeing people become victorious over the strongholds or chains that try to tear them down or keep them in the darkness. Candi fully believes in the Mission of North County Generals to "Fill, Restore and Launch" God's greatest treasures, His people.


Teresa Potter

Board Member

Teresa serves as Secretary for the North County Generals. She became a part of the ministry one year ago and has been actively involved serving as back up in other roles where needed. Teresa grew up in Southern California and moved to Atascadero in the early 70’s.

She raised 3 daughters, was actively involved in her church, served as bible study leader and was part of a ministry at a retirement home for nine years. She believes God led her to this group and has a purpose and a plan for Generals. Teresa has a deep love for the Lord and wants to be a part of helping others find their purpose in Him.


Debra Gifford


Debra grew up in Sacramento and met her husband, Jim, while attending Vanguard University, a Christian College in Costa Mesa. During that time, she was a featured soloist in a Christian band that toured Europe and the U.S. This is when she first became aware of a prophetic gifting as she prayed over people, however there was no name for it back then.  Later at First Assembly, she was involved in Women’s Ministries, dramas, choir, solos, and led some trios and worship services.

​The next 6 years for Debra at The House of Glory were like boot camp in the prophetic, worship team and spontaneous song. She also served on th​e Board there and in Prophetic Presbytery. When that church closed, they went to Kingsway.  She was on Apostle Brad’s worship team and they headed the Prophetic Ministry. That church also closed and they began to get teased about having the ministry of “closing churches”. Currently they have been at the local Vineyard for 17 years (and it hasn’t closed) and worked concurrently at the Healing Rooms for 14 of those years. During that time, she facilitated a Listening Prayer group for 3 years because she is passionate about helping people hear His voice clearly every day, which brings a constant awareness of His presence. 

​Debra has been with The Generals for about 6 years and she is excited about the healing and restoration that takes place there.  She loves to see people walk out their giftings and feels it is having a huge impact on the County.


Sue Klein


Sue Klein is a committed and faithful supporter to North County Generals and Delinda Redding, who is a friend of 30 years.  Care and Share was a unifying factor when assisting in its' beginnings with Delinda in San Luis Obispo Assembly of God church.  They came to know each other well through their strengths and weaknesses.  That continues today as they share the passion to "Restore, Fill, Launch" the lovers of Christ towards their destinies and to enlarge the family of Christ through ministry, worship, learning and teaching.

Sue has taught classes on personal foundational faith-building in her churches in Lexington, KY, Vancouver, WA and San Luis Obispo, CA.  She now serves in her local Crossroads Vineyard church as back-up in opening prayer for service and in hospitality.

Business Administration has been a strength throughout her business and personal life and continued for six years in her ministry with the Generals.  More recently that has been passed on to others. 

Sue trained under Teresa Goree into Holy Spirit Prayer and how to lead groups in an orderly and prayerful manner for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  Sue has a love for people and a desire to see them involved in meaningful ways to serve others, themselves, and to glorify God.  

I press on toward the goal to win the supreme and heavenly prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward.
                                                                                                                                      Philippians 3:14

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